Weekly News. Week 20 (12 to 16 May)

Проекты: 3050, 3050.1
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The Krasnodar diesel-electric submarine of Type 636.3 and the Admiral Grigorovich frigate of Type 11356 are to be delivered to the Black Sea Fleet ahead of the schedule. Initially, the delivery was planned for 2015, but the fact that the Crimea, and therefore Sevastopol, had become a part of Russia resulted in completing it as soon as possible. Now, shipbuilders must deliver these ships to the Black Sea Fleet by the end of the year, without any damage to quality, even if it kills them.
Shiprepair plant No. 176, a subsidiary of Zvyozdochka Shiprepair Centre, is preparing the Evgeny Egorov seagoing tug and the Ivan Kharitonov dock tug for summer navigation. In 2003, the Evgeny Egorov has already passed sea acceptance trials at Krasnaya Kuznitsa Shiprepair Plant for lack of available docks at Sevmash.

Pella Shipyard launched the RB-407 tug.
LOA: 28.5 m
BOA: 9.5 m
Draught: 4.3 m
Speed: about 12 kn
Drawbar force: 47 t
Class notation: KM Arc4 R2 Аut1 FF3 WS Tug (classified by the Russian Maritime Registry of Shipping)
Propulsion system: US 205 steerable rudder propeller unit by Rolls-Royce, shrouded fixed blade propeller
Power: 2х1500 kW at 1600 rpm, Cat 3512B

On 6 to 7 May, the inspection board of the Federal Agency for Sea and River Transportation accepted the Puteysky-103 and the Puteysky-201 buoyage vessels of Types 3050 and 3050.1 constructed by the order of Rechvodput (River Waterways Service) for the Administration of the Enisey river basin of inland waterways, as well as the Sadzha buoyage vessel of Type 3050 constructed for the Administration of the Ob river basin of inland waterways.

Type 3050:
- LOA: 23.50 m
- BOA: 3.65 m
- Hull height: 1.2 m
- Light draft: 0.66 m
- Light displacement: 35.44 t
- Power (main engine): 85 kW
- Speed: max. 15.0 km/h

Type 3050.1:
- LOA: 27.4 m
- BOA: 4.8 m
- Hull height: 1.5 m
- Light draft: 0.90 m
- Light displacement: 72.00 t
- Power (main engine): 205.9 kW
- Speed: max. 20.0 km/h

The Russian Ministry of Defence signed a contract for modernization of the two Barrakuda multi-purpose nuclear submarines of Type 945. Their hulls are made of titanium. The company specified that one of the submarines, K-276 Kostroma, is already at the shipyard being there for more than ten years. The other one, K-239 Karp, is to be transported this year. The new service life of the modernized submarines will be about ten years. At the moment, fuel is being discharged from the Karp nuclear submarine. The repair terms are not known yet.
In whole, according to the Russian Navy representative's statement made in April, the Fleet will have received more than ten modernized nuclear multi-purpose submarines by 2020. It was reported that the Karp is to be included to the Russian Navy in 2017. During the modernization, the submarines are expected to receive advanced weapons and equipment that make them look like the newest submarines of Type 885 Yasen by specifications.

Zelenodolsk plant named after A.M. Gorky has received an order for construction of five Okean patrol ships of Type 22100. The ships are to be delivered to the Russian Boundary Service. At present, the company is building the lead ship of Type Okean, which is to be launched by the end of May. The independent sailing period of the ship is sixty days. According to the experts, the new ships will become a backbone of the Boundary Service in the West, and in the Far East thanks to their capability of moving in ice, independency and perfect combat capabilities.

Rosatom is to dispose the K-173 Krasnoyarsk multi-purpose submarine cruiser of Type 949A Antey (serial No. 618). The disposal will cost 747.9 million rubles. The tender is held till 5 October 2016. The K-173 Krasnoyarsk has been already tendered in 2014, but there were no tenderers.

At the beginning of May, new changes were made to the documents for the corresponding tender announced by the Public Procurement Portal. In total, they plan to spend about 700 million rubles for the ship disposal. The Ural big scout ship of Type 1941 was included into the Navy in 1989. After moving to the Far East, the ship has not gone to sea being permanently berthed in the village of Tikhookeansky, Fokino. The reason is that there are multiple failures of the ship's equipment, lack of coastal infrastructure for basing and insufficient funding of the post-Soviet period.  

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