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Two Aker Arc130A ice breaking supply vessels are being constructed by the Vyborg Shipyard for operation at the Novoportovskoye hydrocarbon field, the Yamal Peninsula.
Trials of one of them are to start in April. Both of these vessels shall be delivered this summer and autumn. In addition, a type Aker Arc124 ice breaker is being constructed by the shipyard for operation in the Sabetta port.

Marine Technics Equips Ships the Polar Circle and Nakhodka

Marine Technics Group has prepared a project for refitting the type 354K m/v OS-7 in Salekhard with the RWO OWS-COM oily water treatment plant. This is the first type 354K vessel for receiving and treating oily water, which is intended for use within the Polar Circle.
Marine Technics Group / Marine Technics Group

Zveda Shipyard's Former Contractor to Declare Bankrupt 

CES LLC having all its contacts with Rosneft's Zvexda shipyard terminated, is about to declare bankruptcy. The terminated contracts totally amounted to more than 17.5B rubles.

Marine Engineering Bureau Wins a Category in National Maritime Rating of Ukraine

The next national maritime rating of Ukraine was published with "Fleet Renovation" among its categories.

Leading Northwest Shipyards Involved in State Defense Orders Reported Revenue Decrease in 2017

Admiralty Shipyards, Yantar Shipyard, Vyborg Shipyard and Baltic Shipyard have published their financial reports for 2017.

New Plant Making Factory Is Built in Kola Bay

NOVATEK commenced implementation of the Arctic LNG 2 project. For this purpose, the Large Marine Structure Construction Center is being built in the Kola Bay near Belokamenka.


Yamal Authorities Fail to Commence Disposing Abandoned Ships Due to Legal Restrictions

The authorities of the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District decided to take care about recovery and disposal of abandoned ships.

Construction of Bagayevsky Hydroelectric Complex To Start in April

According to Viktor Olersky, deputy minister of transport of Russia, the Bagayevsky Hydroelectric Complex construction is planned to be launched in April 2018.

North River Shipping Company Makes First Deliveries for Arctic LNG 2 Project

Two marine floating cranes of ice class 1АSuper-Arc5 named Arktika-1 and Arktika-2 have delivered the cargo along the Northern Sea Route and unloaded it onto the landfast ice off the Gydan peninsula (Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District).

Northern River Shipping Company To Participate in Arctic LNG 2 Project The Northern River Shipping Company has signed a cooperation agreement with JSC

Yamal LNG and commenced delivery of cargoes for the Arctic LNG 2 natural gas liquefying plant under construction. The Northern River Shipping Company is supposed to ship construction equipment and materials to the Salmanovskoye (Utrenneye) oil and gas condensate field on the Gydan Peninsula on the all-year- round basis.

Admiral Makarov Returns to Murmansk

Icebreaker Admiral Makarov returned back to the Murmansk sea port on 28 March 2018.


Sovkomflot: Leader of Industry

On 27 March, the awarding ceremony of the "Leader of the Industry" annual contest took place during the meeting of the Federal Agency for Marine and River Transport and the Public Council of the Agency.

Icebreaker Krassin Celebrates Its 101st Birthday

On 31 March 2018, the icebreaker Krassin will celebrate its 101st birthday. The celebration will start at 12:00 by St. Andrew flag raising ceremony and a rally on the icebreaker's foredeck. 
Icebreaker Krassin

USC Sums Up 2017

On 21 March, the corporation held a meeting dedicated to sum up results of activities in 2017 and the plans for 2018.

Preparations for NEVA-2019 Maritime Exhibition Begun

The regular exhibition and conference NEVA-2019 will take place in St. Petersburg from 17 to 29 September 2019. More than a hundred companies have reserved exhibit spaces in the Expoforum Convention and Exhibition Centre pavilions. According to the organizer, the share of foreign participants is expected to rise the next year.

Elon Musk Leases Shipyard to Construct Spacecraft

Head of SpaceX Elon Musk is looking at leasing an old American shipyard and a land plot in California to built spacecraft for human travelling to Mars.


Assistant Naval CINC: Ukrainian Fleet Sacrificed Themselves

The assistant commander-in- chief of the Ukrainian Navy, captain first rank Marina Kanalyuk gave an interview concerning the fate of the Ukrainian fleet in Crimea.

Northern Fleet Held Missile Training

The Northern Fleet has held a missile employment training assembly supervised by Admiral Nikolay Yevmenov, the Northern Fleet commander-in-chief.

Black Sea Fleet Forms Crew for Type 22160 Patrol Ship Dmitry Rogachev

The crew for the ship Dmitry Rogachev, which is being prepared for trials, is already formed at the Black Sea fleet.

Admiral Kuznetsov to Have New Landing Control System

The heavy aircraft-carrying cruiser Admiral Kuznetsov will receive a digital radar-based aircraft management system.
Admiral Kuznetsov /

Russian MoD To Discuss Northern Fleet Development Plans

The Russian Federation MoD board will review implementation of the Northern Fleet activity plan in the light of the May decrees of the Russian President and his instructions following the meetings in Sochi.


Russian Seaport Development Roadmaps Approved

On 22 March 2018, the Governmental Transport Commission has approved the roadmaps for development of the seaports of the Baltic, Western Arctic, Far East, and Eastern Arctic regions to 2020 (with possible extending to 2030) and for development of the near and far rail and road approaches to those seaports.

Novorossiysk Commercial Sea Port Makes New Claim Against the Federal Agency for Maritime and River Transport and the Port Captain

The Novorossiysk Commercial Sea Port is not accept refusal of its first claim against the Federal Agency for Maritime and River Transport and the Captain of the Port by the Moscow Arbitration Court and made a new claim.

Chinese Companies Are To Create International Port and Industrial Park In Kamchatka

An international level multifunctional port and industrial park may be launched in the near future in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. A respective agreement was signed by the Director General of the Kamchatka Development Corporation Nikolai Pegin and the Director General of the San Zhong Corporation LLC Mizutani Jun during the last visit of a delegation of Chinese and Japanese entrepreneurs headed by Mr. Su Minli.
View of Petropavlovsk port and ocean gate / Daria Slabuka

New Port in St. Petersburg

A concept and location of the new River Passenger Port in St. Petersburg are determined. It was announced during the thematic weeks "Tourism. Russia – a territory for travelling" that is held in the Import Substitution and Localisation Centre.

Russian Seaports Capacity Grown to 22M Tons in 2017

During the final meeting of Ministry of Transport board, particular attention was paid to information on Russian sea ports development.
The review is prepared by Yulia Khazieva
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