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The Vyborg Shipyard has launched the Ob port icebreaker. The ship with almost 12 W in capacity and innovative propulsive system will ensure navigation of LNG tanker in the approach channel and in the water area of the port of Sabetta on the Yamal Peninsula.

Find out other news of shipbuilding and navigation in our weekly final review.

Media: Director General of the Far Eastern Shipbuilding and Shiprepair Centre Yury Filchyonok Dismissed

The news agency referring to its source reported the dismissal of the Director General of the Far Eastern Shipbuilding and Shiprepair Centre.

Severnaya Verf Shareholders Decided No Dividends for 2017

At the end of 2017, Severnaya Verf suffered a loss which affected the shareholder's decision to pay dividends.

St. Andrew's Flag Raised on Ship Ivan Gren

The press-office of the Yantar Baltic Shipyard reported that today, 20 June, the official flag-raising ceremony on type 11711 large landing ship Ivan Gren took place at the shipyard.
Main Naval Parade /

Baltic Shipyard Among Contenders for Construction of Nuclear Icebreaker Leader

The construction site for type 10510 nuclear icebreaker Leader will be decided soon. The Baltic Shipyard is among potential contenders.

Yaroslavl Shipyard Delivered Two Boom-Laying Lifeboats

Boom-laying lifeboats Kapitan Balashov and Kapitan Barabash were built for Marine Rescue Service.


Korsakov-Vakkanay Ferry Line to Resume in Early July

Sakhalin Shipping Company will lease the type Penguin-33 catamaran for shipping between Korsakov and Vakkanay.

Motor Ship Sparta IV Starts Serving Vladivostok-Magadan Line

The Oboronlogistika company having received the motor ship Sparta IV at its disposal has involved this ship for shipping between two far eastern ports.

One of Most Powerful Russian Diesel-Electric Icebreakers Vladivostok Involved Near Prirazlomnaya Platform

In March-April the most challenging (over the entire history of shipments) ice conditions occurred near Prirazlomnaya platform that continue up to present as noted by Gazprom Neft.
Prirazlomnaya Platform/Gazprom Neft

Navigation Through Gulf of Anadyr in Chukotka Opened on 19 June

In Chukotka, navigation through the Gulf of Anadyr was opened. Barges began crossing the Gulf of Anadyr on 19 June 2018. The motor ship Kapitan Sotnikov starts transporting passengers at the end of the week. This was reported by the press-office of the Anadyr Administration.

Rosatomflot extends its winter-spring navigation period due to challenging ice conditions

Challenging ice conditions existing currently in the water area of the Northern Sea Route caused the extension of the winter-spring navigation of Atomflot nuclear icebreakers. For the first time in four years, fast ice has formed on the maritime canal in the Gulf of Ob bar with its breakup having paralyzed the independent shipping traffic.


Baltic Fleet Ships in the North Sea Astern Refueled

Corvettes Boyky, Stoyky, medium-sized sea tanker Kola and sea tug Konetsky departed for the joint voyage.

Pacific Fleet Destroyer Bystry Repelled Simulated Enemy's Air Attack

In the Sea of Japan, the destroyer Bystr y practiced air defense tasks with gun exercises against simulated air targets.

Newest Pacific Fleet Corvette Gromky to be Completed in Vladivostok and Commissioned by Late 2018

The crew of the corvette Gromky have already settled on board the ship to be further completed in the Primorye regional centre.
Launching of type 20380 corvette Gromky / Amur Shipbuilding Plant

19th Turnout of Sea Cadet Corps to be Held at Yakornaya Square in Kronstadt

The 19th turnout of Sea Cadet Corps will take place on 21 June at Yakornaya Square in Kronstadt near the main naval cathedral of the country, namely Kronstadt Naval Cathedral.

Depth 2018 All-Army Competition Completed

Competitions were attended by the teams of the Northern, Pacific, Black Sea, Baltic fleets and the Caspian Flotilla as well as central service representatives and divers of the Black Sea Higher Naval School named after P.Nakhimov.


Chinese Scientists Surveyed Microplastics in Indian Ocean

Research and survey vessel Xiang Yang Hong 10, port of Zhoushan, China: on 6 December 2017 Chinese scientists were the first to survey microplastics in the southwestern part of the Indian Ocean. This was reported the day before by the
Chinese Society for Oceanology as reported by Xinhua on 20 June 2018.

Possibly Paintings by Aivazovsky Found on Steam Ship Sunken in Crimea

The research expedition found over dozens of paintings in the Crimea near the area where the steam ship General Kotsebu sank in the XIX century, some of them may have been painted by Aivazovsky. This was reported by Roman Dunaev, the leader of the expedition.

Photo Fact: type ST118L-ATF leading fishing trawler on the Vyborg Shipyard

Condition of type ST-118L-ATF leading fishing trawler Barentsevo More as of 21 June 2018.
Type ST118L-ATF leading trawler at the Vyborg Shipyard/

Monument to Roald Rual Amundsen Opened Near Icebreaker Krasin

The ceremony coincided with the 100 th birth anniversary of the polar explorer. The monument installation was initiated by Svetlana Sivkova, Director of the Museum of the World Ocean. According to her, Elena Drapeko, State Duma Deputy of the State Duma Elena Drapeko and Mikhail Kucheryaby, vice-governor of St. Petersburg in charge of coordination of St. Petersburg Committee for Arctic Affairs and Viktor Nikitin, Director of Maritime Technical College greatly contributed to approval of the monument installation.

Kalashnikov Concern Purchases 60% of Kingisepp Machinery Plant and Dizelzipservis shares

The Kalashnikov Concern executed the transaction for purchasing 60% of Kingisepp Machinery Plant and Dizelzipservis shares.


Russian Railways Decided to Extend Discount for Greain Export from Regions Distant from Sea Ports

The discount granted by the Russian Railways for transportation from areas distant from sea ports applies to wheat, corn, oats, barley, maize, rice, buckwheat, beans, peas, pods and other grain cargoes.

United Grain Company to Construct Terminal in Primorsky Krai Within Free Port of Vladivostok

The Free Port of Vladivostok is expected to cover the area of the future grain terminal in the Troitsa bay.

Rosneft LNG Plant to be Built in De-Kastri

Rostneft jointly with its partners selected the site for the future Far Eastern LNG Plant.

Port Vanino Management Fined for Violation of Environmental Regulations

The audit revealed that in the port of Vanino, coal storage sites on the used berths in the water protection zone were not equipped with surface sewage collection and treatment system.

Dredging Operations Commenced at Ust-Luga Port

Dredging vessels owned by Rosmorport have been involved for operations at Ust-Luga Port. 420 thousand cubic meters of bottom soil are planned to be extracted for 2018.

The review is prepared by Yulia Khazieva
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