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The Novorossiysk lead diesel-electric submarine (Type 636.6) is being built in step with the schedule. By 2014, she will have been delivered to the Russian Navy. It was the chief engineer of Admiralty Shipyard Vladimir Baikov who said this. Before sailing to the permanent base (the Black Sea) the Novorossiysk has to pass two stages of state acceptance trials. The trials will be carried out in different water areas, where they will test the devices and systems specially designed for a new submarine. Three serial submarines of this type are now at the St. Petersburg shipyard being of different degrees of completion. In total, six submarines of type 636.3 will be built.
On 18 March 2014 Nobel Brothers Shipyard, Rybinsk, which is part of Moscow Shipbuilding and Shiprepair Yard headed by Vladimir Nemchin, laid a keel of a luxury cruise liner of Type PV09 (serial No. 100) and of M-PR class.
- LOA: 95.88 m
- DWL length: 94.30 m
- BOA: 13.80 m
- DWL beam: 13.00 m
- Depth to main deck: 3.80 m
- Overall depth to the upper edge of fixed parts at draught 1.80 m: 8.80 m
- DWL draught: 1.80 m
- Endurance: 10 days
- Displacement at DWL draught: 1860 t
- Number of decks: 3 accommodation decks and 1 promenade deck
- Speed: max. 25 km/h
- Russian River Registry class: M-PR 2.5 (ice 20) A, which means "river-sea, capable of moving in ice 20 cm thick and at wave height 2.5 m, automatic, at expected occurrence of 3% significant wave heights of 2.5 m at a distance of max. 12 miles from the harbor".

Zhigalovo shipbuilding plant, Irkutsk region, built a new motor ship for Administration of Baikal-Angara Basin. This ship will operate on the Angara River and Bratsk Reservoir. Application: maintaining the floating and coastal navigation signs;
monitoring the fairway depth within a water basin. Currently, the ship is being prepared to be towed from Zhigalovo to the moorings of Angara waterways, where it will be fitted out. Then the ship will be put into operation.

Yaroslavl Shipyard will have completed the construction of the three serial river bunkering tankers of Type RT18. The customer is Rechvodput (River Waterways Service) belonging to the Federal Agency for Sea and River Transportation, Russian Ministry of Transport. The designer is Marine Engineering Bureau.
- LOA: about 61.29 m
- Molded length: 59.60 m
- BOA: about 10.42 m
- DWL beam: 10.00 m
- Depth: 2.60 m
- DWL draught: 2.0 m
- Endurance: 15 days
- Deadweight: 517 t
- Capacity of cargo tanks for diesel fuel: about 526 m³
- Capacity of cargo tanks for oils: about 56 m³
- Capacity of slop tanks: 26 m³
- Capacity of ballast tanks: 521 m³
- Capacity of cargo pumps for diesel fuel: 50 m³/h each
- Capacity of cargo pumps for lubricating oils: 25 m³/h each
- Speed: about 9 kn
- Russian River Registry class: О 2.0 (ice 30) А, which means "lake, capable of moving in ice 30 cm thick and at wave height 2.0 m, automatic"
- Crew capacity: 7 in number

New non-nuclear submarines of the fifth generation with an air-independent propulsion plant will be developed for the Russian Navy. The code name is Kalina. This was announced by the Russian Navy Commander-in-Chief Admiral Viktor Chirkov, who told that a new propulsion plant has already been developed by the order of the Russian Ministry of Defence. The air-independent propulsion plant is planned to be developed in 2015 to 2016. The test plant will be installed on board the second submarine of Type 677 Lada. The first new submarine with the air-independent propulsion plant will be built for the Russian Navy in 2016 to 2017.

Nerpa Shiprepair Plant, Snezhnogorsk launched and docked the Pskov nuclear submarine. This event is of great importance for shipbuilders because it means that they complete repairing the titanium ship. "Very soon, the Pskov will be launched and placed to the berth N-1, where they will conduct the outfitting works," as informed by the press office of Nerpa Shiprepair Plant.

The French Minister of Foreign Affairs Laurent Fabius threatened Russia with a military response to the Crimea actions and with termination of the Mistral contract. "After a certain limit there will be a reaction, including the force one. We cannot allow them to do everything. As a first measure, France may terminate the contract with Russia for the supply of two Mistral ships being under construction in Saint-Nazaire. If Putin continue following his strategy, we can cancel these supplies," added the Minister. Also, Fabius offered to freeze the assets of the Russian major businessmen in Great Britain.

"Yesterday's TV statement by the French Minister of Foreign Affairs Fabius about Russian-French military-technical cooperation are surprising," wrote Dmitry Rogozin on Twitter. "Disturbance concerning the Crimea referendum will be finished soon, and our countries shall continue to work together. Perhaps, we shall remember the colleague how many French jobs our partnership created. I would ask the European colleagues not to lay it on too thick." said Rogozin.  
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