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The new workboat with ice enforcement "Bospor" of the ST23WIM project is given to Azovo-Chernomorsky basin branch according to the order of Federal State Unitary Enterprise Rosmorport from 6/8/2017 № 215.

The vessel was constructed on request of Federal State Unitary Enterprise Rosmorport on production capacities of ZAO Onega Ship-building and Ship-repair Factory, a closely held company (Petrozavodsk, Russia).

Vessels of the ST23WIM project are developed by the Design office of Morskaya Tekhnika Group, and the share of the equipment supplied by the company exceeds 95%.

There are modern powerful, but at the same time economic diesel engines on the vessel, that will allow to cut operational costs of the branch for expeditious and timely delivery of pilots to vessels. Besides, to improve control there is a bow-thruster by means of which the accuracy of maneuvering of the vessel during mooring operations increases and also when the vessel passes narrow waters.

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It is planned to construct a series of universal trawlers for the fishery fleet of the Azovo-Chernomorsky basin

The memorandum on the construction of trawlers-seiners is signed in the Crimea during the official visit of the Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev on the peninsula.
The shipbuilding factory "More" and the Black Sea fishing company signed the investment memorandum of cooperation in construction of ten fishing trawlers "Sever", Rosrybolovstvo says.

Signing took place in the territory of the "More" factory at the visiting conference with the Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

The Balakovo Shipbuilding Factory will develop a project of a high-speed motor ship

The Balakovo Shipbuilding Factory will develop a project of a high-speed motor ship for further mass release of vessels which could transport tourists along the Volga River. The acting governor of the region Valery Radayev facilitated the development and production on Wednesday during a working trip to the factory.
"The design office needs to develop its own project of the high-speed motor ship.

In the nearest future I want to get support of the Russian President Vladimir Putin concerning the construction of modern vessels at the factory in Balakovo. Implementation of the project will allow to equip passenger fleet with modern high-speed river crafts and, at the same time, to provide loading of the oldest enterprise of the region", - Radayev said.


In the Irkutsk region it was suggested to introduce an electronic queue for the ferry to Olkhon

The mayor of the Olkhon district of the Irkutsk region Andrey Tykheev suggests to introduce an electronic queue for the ferry to the island of Olkhon. Because of the breakage of one of the three ferries there gathered a lot of tourists. People were waiting for the opportunity to get on the ferry but they had to spend a night right in their cars.

Section of the Volga river from Tver to Rzhev will be deepened for navigation renewal

The authorities of the Tver region plan to deepen one of the sections of the Volga river for navigation renewal from Tver to Rzhev. The governor of the region Igor Rudenya has reported about it to journalists following the results of a discussion of the Improvement of Volga project with the Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev in Volgograd.
"The procedure of deepening of bottom wasn't carried out for a long time, and we see that on some sections of the river navigation is difficult - our vessels can reach only Tver. We factored money in the regional budget for dredging works (from Tver - a comment of TASS) to Staritsa and Rzhev", - Rudenya said. He added that "now there is an opportunity to implement these actions together with the Russian Federation (with attraction of financial resources from the federal budget - a comment of TASS)".

Ships of the Northern Fleet left Severomorsk and went to the Arctic Region

Today a group of ships and support vessels of the Northern Fleet (NF) according to the plan of combat training went out from the main base of Severomorsk to the Barents Sea and has headed to east regions of the Arctic.

As a part of group big anti-submarine Severomorsk ship, big landing ships "Kondopoga", "Alexander Otrakovsky" and "Georges the Victorious", Sergey Osipov tanker, saving Pamir tow and killektorny vessel KIL-164.


Sailing vessel "Mir" finished the Baltic regatta

On August 5, 2017 the third stage of a regatta of big sailing vessels 2017 (The Tall Ships Races 2017) along a route Klaipeda (Lithuania) – Szczecin (Poland) came to the end.
Dozens of sailing vessels under flags of different countries of the world finished a fascinating race in the Baltic Sea and arrived to the capital of the Western Pomerania. On the arrival of vessels, the participants of a regatta, locals and tourists could celebrate a final.

Since August 8 in Vladivostok port it is possible to receive electronic visa

The specialized website of the Russian Foreign Ministry for electronic visa-issuance to visit of the Free port of Vladivostok will begin operation since August 8 on http://electronic-visa.kdmid.ru/. It was reported on Monday in the Russian diplomatic service.
There marked that residents of Brunei, India, the People's Republic of China, DPRK, Mexico, Singapore, Japan, Algeria, Bahrain, Iran, Qatar, Kuwait, Morocco, the UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia and Turkey can use the simplified visa regime.

Underwater swimmers of the Caspian flotilla passed training

Military personnel of underwater-diversionary group of the Caspian flotilla within plan combat training makes underwater descents with execution of exercises of educational firing practice underwater from special weapon.
Classes are held on a specially equipped sections of the sea coast in the water area of the Caspian Sea.
Fighting swimmers alone and as a part of groups execute exercises on scuba diving in day- and night-time in complete diving equipment, the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation reports.

First Russian circumnavigation: our sailors became famous across the globe

On August 7, 1803 from Kronstadt the first Russian round-the-world expedition started on the vessels "Nadezhda" and "Neva" under Ivan Krusenstern and Fyodor Lisyansky's command respectively. It became an important milestone in the history of Russia, development of its fleet, natural and human sciences. Navigation has also made the significant contribution to studying of the World Ocean and earlier little-known countries. It has been acclaimed by the progressive public of Russia enthusiastically. The scientist, the journalist and sea geologist Konstantin Ranks told about details of this feat:
"In spite of the fact that still Peter I tried to open the fatherland to the whole world through development of the fleet and stimulation of sea trade, in minds of elite of that time there also remained a conservative point of view which assumed sufficient coasting swimming. The country, closed in itself — such an outlook was habitual.

United Shipbuilding Corporation makes a new attempt to modernize Severnaya Verf - Kommersant

The USC has announced the competition assuming delivery of eight new bridge cranes for the St. Petersburg Severnaya Verf, the Kommersant newspaper reports (St. Petersburg).
The tender means receiving cranes in finance lease for which the corporation is ready to give no more than 4,1 billion rubles in the sum. Under the terms of open request for proposals, the USC will choose the lessor to the middle of September. Under the terms of the customer, the USC will fulfill the financial obligations to the winner of a competition within 133 months.

In St. Petersburg the 203rd anniversary of the Gangut sea battle was celebrated

In St. Petersburg the military personnel of the Western Military District (WMD) has participated in the festive events devoted to the 203rd anniversary of the Gangut sea battle – the first sea victory of the Russian fleet under Peter's I command over the Swedish fleet strongest at that time who till this time didn't know defeats.
In honor of a legendary event in the Russian history military personnel of the Western Military District, representatives of clergy and the Administration of Saint Petersburg to the bell-ringing have laid flowers at the commemorative plaques established on a facade of the temple of the Saint great martyr and healer Panteleymon and devoted to sea victories of the Russian fleet at Gangut and Grengam reports the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation.

The international complex drill "BALEX DELTA-2017" is held

For the purpose of implementation of the Action plan of the Helsinki convention on the Baltic Sea 2007 and as sequence the Russian Federation prepared and carried out on August 09, 2017 the international complex doctrine "BALEX DELTA-2017" with an involvement of forces and means, observers of member states of the Helsinki convention.

Destroyer of the USA did not get permission of China to pass to the South China Sea

China intends to make representation of the USA in connection with pass of the destroyer of the American Naval Forces through the water area around Meiji reef (its other name - Mischief) in the South China Sea. As they say in the statement of the official representative published on Thursday the Chinese Foreign Ministry Geng of Shuang, the ship did not get permission of the government of China.
"The American missile destroyer "John McCain", without the permission of the government of the People's Republic of China, self-willedally entered the water area near the reef of Meiji of the archipelago of Nansha (island of Spratly) for carrying out so-called operation [on support] of freedoms of navigation", - it is told in the message of Foreign Ministry.


Rosterminalugol shipped for export 14 million tons of coal since the beginning of year

To AO Rosterminalugol (RTU) shipped for export 14 million tons of coal since the beginning of 2017 for today that for 40,1% exceeds an index for the same period of last year, the press service of the company reports.
Level of 14 million tons last year was overcome on October 17, 2016, is marked in the message.
The 14-million ton was dipped on the 204th since the beginning of 2017 the vessel (the Rixta Oldendorff bulk ship (Post-Panamax type)) which rose for loading at moorings to the RTU today. The vessel took aboard 112,8 thousand ton of coal.

To the Third queue of "East Port" arrived complete equipment for operation of wagon dumpers

August 8, 2017, East Port (Primorsky Krai). The specialized carbon port, largest in Russia, with the closed transfer of coal of AO East Port which is a part of port carbon holding OOO Upravlyayushchaya portovaya kompaniya informs that to the Third queue under construction arrived the complete equipment necessary for operation of 2 covered tandem wagon dumpers. For setting of loaded compositions with coal to the building of wagon dumpers of the Third queue 4 electropushers were received.

Transneft paused shipment of oil in the port of Novorossiysk because of a storm

Transneft paused shipment of oil for export in the port of Novorossiysk because of the storm warning, the official representative of the company Igor Dyomin told journalists.
"In Novorossiysk yesterday at 19:00 storm warning was declared. Because of the strong wind filling the current tanker position was stopped from 22:00 till 02:40. Now the tanker is shipped, however the following schedule line item will rise for loading only after removal of storm warning, according to the forecast - at 14:00 in the afternoon", he said.

Naval forces

Participants of the international competition "Sea Cup-2017" held rowing competitions

Today in the water area of Amur Bay rowing competitions on boats took place between crews of corvettes of the naval forces "Sovershennyi" of Russia and Naval Forces of China "Huangsha".
About 50 people participated in a sports event, from each side there were two teams of athletes.

The newest small missile ship of the Black Sea Fleet "Vyshny Volochyok" arrived in Novorossiysk for completion of tests

Today the latest small missile ship "Vyshny Volochyok" constructed for the Black Sea Fleet at the Zelenodolsk shipbuilding factory of A.M. Gorky finished transition under trackers on internal waterways to the Black Sea and arrived for carrying out ride and state tests to the Novorossiysk naval basis. Press service of the Southern Military District reported about it on August 05, 2017.

Major anti-submarine ship "Vice Admiral Kulakov" entered the Bay of Biscay

The major anti-submarine ship of the Northern Fleet "Vice admiral Kulakov" entered the Bay of Biscay, press service of the Northern Fleet reported on Tuesday.
"Today the major anti-submarine ship of the Northern Fleet "Vice admiral Kulakov" passed English Channel and entered the Bay of Biscay. Now the ship continues movement in the southern direction according to the plan of a distant campaign", - the press service said.

The Krasnodar submarine arrived in Sevastopol in the instruction of the Black Sea Fleet

The new diesel electric Krasnodar submarine after internaval transition and execution of tasks as a part of  group in the Mediterranean Sea arrived in Sevastopol in the instruction of the Black Sea Fleet. The ceremonial reception of the crew was held on Wednesday on the mooring in the Southern bay of Sevastopol, transfers the correspondent of TASS from the place of events.
"Today's arrival of "Krasnodar" - the fourth submarine to Sevastopol is not just arrival of a new boat, but we can state that completely connection of submariners on the Black Sea Fleet exists. Four submarines are in the Black Sea, two - on Baltic, will begin transition to the native harbor in the nearest future", - the commander of the Black Sea Fleet admiral Alexander Vitko told journalists.

At the competition "Sea Cup" crews of the ships executed artillery firing practice in the sea within preparation for a final stage

In sea ranges of the Pacific fleet crews of the ships of Russia and China within preparation for a final stage of the international competition "Sea Cup-2017", have executed practical artillery firing practice at sea and air targets.
Firing practice was carried out by a corvette "Sovershennyi" from 100 mm and 30-mm ship artillery cannons, and the corvette "Huangsha" – from art installations of caliber of 76 mm and 30 mm, the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation says.

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