Pacific Fleet to Have Three Missile Corvettes

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The Russian Pacific Fleet to be significantly enhanced with three newest corvettes with Kalibr missiles by 2020.
This is reported by Interfax with the reference to an informed source.

"In the context of today's geopolitical environment, the Pacific Fleet continues renewing. Three corvettes with Kalibr cruise missiles shall be delivered by 2020" the statement says.

This refers to type 20380 ships Gromkiy, Rezkiy, and Hero of the Russian Federation Aldar Tsydenzhapov.
Launching of type 20380 corvette Gromkiy / Amur Shipbuilding Plant
"The Fleet shall also receive modernized type 949 submarines," states the source. "They will carry advanced weapons, including the latest developed technologies".

Earlier, admiral Sergei Avakyants, the Fleet Commander-in- Chief, reported that the Pacific Fleet will receive corvette Gromkiy with Kalibr cruise missiles this year. "At the end of the last year we received the first type 20380 corvette Sovershennyy. This year the Fleet is preparing to receive the same type corvette Gromkiy and then the modernized type corvette Gremyashchy," said the admiral in the interview to The Red Star newspaper.
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