Type Yasen and Borey Nuclear Submarines To Join Russian Navy in 2019

Shipbuilding news.   16:42 06.07.2018   // submarine, rakhmanov
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The fourth submarine of the Borey type and the second of the Yasen type will be prepared for delivery to the navy in the next year, according to the president of United
Shipbuilding Corporation.
Russian Navy will have a series of eight Borey type submarines by 2021 and a series of seven Yasen type submarines by 2023. This information was confirmed by Alexey Rakhmanov, the president of United Shipbuilding Corporation, in the interview to TASS "Yes, now there is no doubt that the deadlines will be met. As for the fourth Borey and the second Yasen, we are now finishing the most complicated wiring work, and preparations for the trials are underway," said Rakhmanov.

According to the president of United Shipbuilding Corporation, these submarines will be handed over in 2019. In addition to that, additional surveys concerning acoustic tests and maximum diving depth are planned. "The submarines will soon be manned, and the crews will spend the next year to train their combat skills," said Rakhmanov.

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