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The survey vessel of the BSF "Donuzlav" was a part of the Mediterranean squadron of the Russian Navy

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The survey vessel of the Black Sea Fleet "Donuzlav" was a part of Russian Navy group in the Mediterranean Sea, said the official representative of the fleet captain of the 1st rank Vyacheslav Trukhachev to journalists.
"The crew of the survey vessel of the Black Sea Fleet "Donuzlav" started taking the tasks as a part of Navy group in the Mediterranean Sea. The vessel left Sevastopol on November 18 for carrying out complex oceanographic researches in the Black, Mediterranean, Red seas and Gulf of Aden of the Indian Ocean", - TASS quotes Vyacheslav Trukhachev.

Trukhachev explained that experts will carry out necessary measurements of depths and other hydrometeorological researches in the listed regions of the World Ocean. "This campaign is planned, the crew carried out similar tasks in 2016", - the representative of the fleet noted.

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