The Mikhail Somov Vessel to be Repaired in the town of Arkhangelsk

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The research vessel repair began at Krasnaya Kuznitsa dockyard. It is expected that the repair will be completed in May 2018 then the vessel will be able to sail for at least
five more years.
The research vessel Mikhail Somov repair began at Arkhangelsk Krasnaya Kuznitsa dockyard. The vessel is already on keel blocks in the floating dock.

According to Pravda Severa, the dock repair will last for three weeks and then it will be continued alongside.
Delivering cargoes to the hard-to-reach stations / Northern Territorial Administration for Hydrometeorological and Environmental Monitoring

The inspection is planned for all the shipboard machinery, equipment and systems. The repair will be completed in May 2018.

It is expected that after the repair and survey Mikhail Somov will continue to operate at Polar Region stations for at least five more years.
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