Repair and modernization of heavy-lift barges

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"Pomor Shipyard ltd." has started repair works to the extent of class RS renewal and modernization of heavy lift barges "Sevmorneftegaz 1" and "Sevmorneftegaz 2" (Goliat 18 / Goliat 19) within the limits of contract execution with "Marine Installation Services ltd." after their 4-years stay at the berth of the company.  
Barges specifications: length – 80 m, beam – 17 m, depth moulded – 16 m, deadweight – 16 000 tons each.

In 2003 the barges, while owned by LLC "Gazprom Neft Shelf", were used for transportation and support works at the modernization of the upper buildings of “Hutton” platform  that were used for building “Prirazlomnaya” drilling rig at JSCo "PO "Sevmash"

It is supposed that after class renewal and modernization the barges will be used at the project of LLC “SPG-Gorskaya” as a ground for a floating plant of liquefaction of natural gas with annual power of 420 000 tons located at the Gulf of Finland.  

The use of barges will allow to reduce time of the plant building for half a year and its cost for more than 0,5 bn RUB.
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