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At the turn of the year, Aker Arctic marked ten years of independent operations. Completing a decade is a noteworthy achievement. To celebrate our tenth anniversary this year, we are hosting a party for Aker Arctic employees to reflect on the decade together. On March 12, we will also hold the tenth Arctic Passion Seminar, a seminar very well received by our clients and partners.
Aker Arctic already had a long history before becoming a fully independent company. The Wärtsilä Ice Model Basin, Wärtsilä Arctic Research Center and Kvaerner Masa-Yards Arctic Technology Center existed before Aker Arctic was founded to continue the development and design of icebreakers.

We’ve come a long way since the early days, but more importantly, we are tremendously proud of our remarkable team of top professionals; people that design, test and innovate year after year. This team has made us the world’s leading specialist in arctic ship technology.

Our ice model testing facility is world class, and we are strongly engaged in the business of ice-going ship design and engineering, research and development services for ships, related structures and components, as well as arctic offshore structures. In addition to ship design, modelling and full-scale testing services, we offer consultation in the field of expeditions, training and other technology services associated with operations in icy or severely cold conditions.

This letter is primarily intended to thank you, our clients and co-operation partners, for teaming up with us all these years. Aker Arctic would not exist without you.

On behalf of the entire Aker Arctic team, we are all thankful for your support. We look forward to another ten years of ambitious cooperation!


Yours Faithfully,
Reko-Antti Suojanen
CEO, Aker Arctic Technology Inc
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