Weekly News. Week 18 to 19 (28 to 8 May)

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The Severodvinsk nuclear submarine of Type 885 Yasen and the Vladimir Monomakh nuclear submarine of Type 955 were moved out of Sevmash construction hangars and are being prepared for sea acceptance trials. At present, the Severodvinsk nuclear submarine is at the Sevmash deep berth in the Sukhona floating dock. They also moved out the Vladimir Monomakh nuclear submarine of Type 955.
The boat of Type Baklan (serial No. А004) built by Pella Shipyard has passed sea acceptance trials. In the near future, the boat will be delivered to the Federal Security Service of Russia. The boat is designed for patrol, special missions, crew/cargo/passenger transportation as well as for service and pleasure trips.
- LOA: 11.2 m
- BOA: 3.00 m
- Depth: 1.25 m
- Draught: 0.6 m
- Speed (at sea state of 0 to 1): max. 34 kn
- Cruising range (at patrol speed of 6 kn): max. 500 miles
- Cruising range (at speed of 30 kn): 160 miles
- Full displacement: 6.24 t
- Main engines: Volvo-Penta D4-260, 2x260 hp
- Propellers: water jets KaМеWa FF 270
- Crew capacity: 2 in number
- Special crew: up to 8 in number

The Board of Directors of the United Shipbuilding Corporation dismissed the president Vladimir Shmakov. The reason is that Mr. Shmakov went abroad without permission having admission to classified information. However, the contract is not yet terminated. The temporary acting President is vice-president Igor Ponomarev responsible for the state defence order. The Board may only dismiss Shmakov, but not change the President. According to the USC Charter the latter must be approved by the shareholders’ meeting. At the same time, Mr. Shmakov believes that he has become a victim of an internal conflict. He is going to prove that the dismission action is not legal. He has already sent the first claim to the Presnensky District Court, Moscow, to recognize the dismission decision made by the Board illegal.

On 26 April Nevsky Shipyard held two ceremonies in one stroke following with a two-hour interval. First, they laid the keel of the first medium-size sea bunkering tanker of Type 23130, named Akademik Pashin. The ship is built for the needs of the Ministry of Defence of the Russain Federation. Second, they launched the Neva-Leader 8 dry-cargo vessel of Type RSD49.
Specifications of the bunkering tanker of Type 23130:
LOA: 130 m
BOA: about 21 m
Maximum draught: about 7 m
Deadweight (at draught of 7 m): about 9000 t
Maximum speed: 16 kn
Endurance: 60 days
Crew capacity: 24 in number

Today, Vyborg Shipyard launched the Vladivostok lead icebreaker of a new generation (Type 21900 M). The ship will be classified by the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping as follows: KM? Icebreaker6 [2] AUT1-ICS FF2 BWM EPP ECO HELIDECK Special purpose ship. The construction is conducted under the federal target program "Development of Transport Infrastructure of Russia (2010 to 2015)".
The vessel is designed for leading large-capacity vessels, towing, firefighting at floating and other facilities, transporting cargo and providing assistance to ships in distress.
Length: 119.8 m
Beam: 27.5 m
Draught: 8.5 m
Deadweight: 5340 t
Cargo hold capacity: 11649

Gorky Zelenodolsk Shipbuilding Plant will build twelve patrol ships of Type 22160 for combating pirates and contrabandists as well as for providing help to those who suffered in sea accidents. In addition, the vessel is designed for patrolling the economic zone in the open and closed seas, environmental monitoring; for guarding ships and vessels while passing the sea as well as naval bases and water areas to warn about attack of various forces and the enemy means in wartime. Six ships will be in service in the North; six more ships – in the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea.

On 29 April, the ZNT Yard launched a boat of the integrated search-and-rescue support (Type 23040, serial No. 1106) for the Russian Ministry of Defence. The state construction contract for 16 inshore boats of the integrated search-and-rescue support (Type 23040) for the Russian Ministry of Defence was concluded with the ZNT Yard at the end of March 2013.
LOA: 28.09 м
BOA: 5.56 m
Depth in the bow: 3.4 m
Mean draught: 1.5 m
Full displacement: about 118 t
Main engine: 2х441 kW
Diesel-generator: 2х80 kW
Emergency-harbour diesel-generator: 1х20 kW
Speed: 13.7±0.3 kn
Crew capacity: 3 in number
Diver capacity: 5 in number

The newest small missile ships of the Caspian fleet of Type 21631 Buyan-M have passed state tests. The final test for the new equipment was gun firing against marine and aerial targets. They also tested electronic weaponry of ships and the maneuvering to the missile strike. After the trials, the manufacturer and crews of ships are going to raise the Russian naval flag. The ships are scheduled to be included into the Caspian fleet at the end of the first half of 2014. By 2020, the Caspian fleet is to include six small missile ships of this type. The ships of Type 21631 Buyan-M are an upgraded version of Type 21630 Buyan. They are designed for the Caspian fleet considering small depths of the Volga river deltas and the Caspian Sea.

Baltic Shipyard launched the stern of the second Russian Landing Platform Dock (LPD) of Mistral class. The Sevastopol, whose stern was launched by Baltic Shipyard, has become the second helicopter carrier built by the Russian Ministry of Defence in France. In June 2011, Rosoboronexport State Company and DCNS, France, concluded the construction contract for first two helicopter carriers. The total cost is 1.1 billion euros. Under the contract the United Shipbuilding Corporation, which includes Baltic Shipyard, is a subcontractor of STX France in Saint-Nazaire. Sterns for two LPDs, Vladivostok and Sevastopol, are being built by Baltic Shipyard.

On 29 April, buoyage vessel of Type 3050 was launched at Moscow Shipbuilding and Shiprepair Yard. Vessel serial No. 222 is being built under the State Contract for the vessel construction within the program "Service Fleet Renovation" for the Moscow Channel Company. Twenty-seven serial modern buoyage vessels are being built for inland waterway companies. The customer is the Federal Agency for Sea and River Transportation. Buoyage vessels are intended for maintaining the floating and coastal navigation signs as well as for controlling the fairway depth of all the Russian rivers.

The RB-412 tug of Type 90600 (serial No. 940) built by Pella Shipyard has passed sea acceptance trials. The press office of the shipyard says that by the end of this year the vessel will be included into the Black Sea Fleet of Russia.

The Belukha tugboat of Type 16609 (serial No. 629), acceptance program 2014, was launched.
LOA: 28.5 m
BOA: 9.5 m
Draught: 4.3 m
Speed: about 12 kn
Drawbar force: 47 t
Class notation: KM*Arc4 R2 Аut1 FF3 WS Tug (classified by the Russian Maritime Registry of Shipping)
Propulsion system: US 205 steerable rudder propeller unit by Rolls-Royce, shrouded fixed blade propeller
Power: 2х1500 kW at 1600 rpm, Cat 3512B

On 6 May 2014, the ZNT Yard launched an inshore boat of the integrated search-and-rescue support (Type 23040, serial No. 1105) for the Russian Ministry of Defence. The state contract for sixteen inshore boats of the integrated search-and-rescue support to be built for the Russian Ministry of Defence was concluded at the end of March 2013.

On 8 May, Gorky Zelenodolsk Shipbuilding Plant launched the second serial passenger vessel of Type А217-1. The designer is Agat Design Bureau, St. Petersburg. This is one more project implemented by the Plant and Agat Design Bureau in cooperation. For the Bureau, the Plant has built high-speed motor ships of Type А45 (one – for the Lena River; four – for the Enisey River) and two vessels of Type А145 (for the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Area).
LOA: 27.4 m
BOA: 5.60 m
Midship depth: 3.00 m
Mean draught, full-load: 1.36 m
Speed: about 25 km/h
Cruising range: max. 400 km

On 7 May 2014, Vympel Shipyard, Rybinsk, launched the first Mangust high-speed patrol boat of Type 12150 for the Federal Security Service of Russia. The boat was designed by Almaz Central Marine Design Bureau, St. Petersburg for the Department of Maritime Guard (the Federal Border Guard Service of the Russian Federation). The boat is designed for: on-call actions in the territorial waters; checking the ships to comply with the established navigation mode on the internal and external roadsteads in ports and harbours as well as in adjacent coastal sea areas; performing the tasks included into the duties of the marine police, customs, fishery inspections in the coastal sea areas.

Vyborg Shipyard started forming a hull of the following Novorossiysk icebreaker of Type 21900 M. The ship hull is being formed on the Atlant self-submersible barge platform. The Novorossiysk is the third serial diesel-electric icebreaker of Type 21900М.
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