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At the Leningrad shipbuilding plant Pella there has taken place the ceremony of descent to water of the Ilmen survey vessel the project 11982 (Y/N 151). The Head Department of Deep-water Researches (HDDWR) of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation acts as the customer. The vessel belongs to the auxiliary fleet and is intended for tests of special technical means, for participation in search and rescue works and also carrying out research and oceanographic works.

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Hydrographic boats the project 21961 on the Ilya Muromets ice breaker

On November 30 in St. Petersburg on JSC Admiralty Shipyards the raising the flag ceremony on the ice breaker of the project 21180 "Ilya Muromets" constructed by request of the Russian Navy was held. Besides the main functions, the ice breaker can participate in hydrographic, oceanographic and hydrometeorological researches in the Arctic.

The Baltic shipbuilding plant "Yantar" will construct the big freezing trawler to fall of 2021

The Yantar Baltic Shipbuilding plant (enters into United Shipbuilding Corporation) has concluded the contract with Preobrazhenskiy base of the trawling fleet for construction of the big freezing fishing trawler.

The Oka shipyard has concluded the contract for construction of eight dry-cargo vessels

The press service of the Oka shipyard reports that on November 30 the plant (is a part of UCL Holding) has concluded the contract for construction of a series from eight dry-cargo vessels of the RSD32M project. Vessels are under construction for LLC Navis-1 (Moscow), PJSC GTLK acts as the customer.

There was for trial runs a head tanker of the draft of the RST11 project with a deadweight of 6586 tons "Saint Prince Vladimir"

On December 5, 2017 there was for trial runs a head tanker of the draft of the RST11 project deadweight in the sea / in the river - 6586 / 4677 tons "the Saint Prince Vladimir".

SNSZ has finished preparatory work to start construction of the following production ship of antimine defense

At the Average and Nevsky shipbuilding plant (enters OSK) preparatory work (the calculation of composite fabric in a matrix) to start construction of the ship of antimine defense (PMO) going in a series for Navy of Russia has come to the end.


The ice breaker of Federal State Unitary Enterprise Rosmorport finished wiring of a vessels convoy across the Northern Sea Route

On December 1, 2017 the Admiral Makarov ice breaker finished wiring of a convoy of vessels from seaport Pevek to clear water in the Kara Strait Strait connecting the Barents and Karsky seas.

In the middle of January India will deliver the first loads to Russia through Iran

TASS reports that India will begin to send container loads to Russia through Iran and Azerbaijan from the middle of January, 2018. As the representative of the Indian Central control on excises and customs duties (The Central Board of Excise and Custom) Sandip Kumar reported on Tuesday, it will allow to activate the project of the international transport corridor "the North - the South".

The authorities of Primorye suggested to build vessel for sea cruises across the Far East​

TASS reports that the administration of Primorsky Region suggested to build a vessel for tourist cruises along the Far East ports. The Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation - the ambassador of the President of the Russian Federation in the Far Eastern Federal District Yury Trutnev told journalists about it after the conference in Vladivostok on Thursday.

The structure of Qiwi will develop for Morsvyazsputnik logistic a blockchain platform

TASS with reference to the message of Federal Agency for Sea and Inland Water Transport, Qiwi Blockchain Technologies (subsidiary of the Qiwi group) and FGUP Morsviazsputnik signed the agreement on creation integration logistic a blockchain platform on support and monitoring of a cargo transportation by the water transport.

The Christophe De Margeri gas carrier is awarded with the prize Platts Global Energy Awards in the Engineering Project of 2017 nomination

The Christophe De Margeri LNG Arctic gas carrier constructed by request of PJSC Sovcomflot for service of the project of Yamal LNG became the winner of a prestigious international award 2017 of Platts Global Energy Awards in the Engineering Project of the Year nomination. The decision of jury was declared at a ceremony in New York on December 7.


Employers of the Far East look for shipbuilders, programmers and chemists

The greatest interest of the Far East enterprises in 2017 was attracted by experts in such areas as shipbuilding, finance, information technologies, oriental studies and application-oriented chemistry, told at a press conference following the results of a year on Monday the vice rector of Far Eastern Federal University (DVFU) for development Dmitry Zemtsov.

Photofact: Novorossiysk in dock of the Kanonersky ship-repair plant

Fresh photos from the Kanonersky ship-repair plant - the project 21900M Novorossiysk ice breaker in dock of the enterprise. The active preparation for ice navigation begins!

The Minister of Defence of Argentina Oscar Aguad recognized that all 44 crew members of the San Juan submarine perished

The Minister of Defence Oscar Aguad the first of representatives of the authorities of Argentina publicly recognized that all 44 crew members of the San Juan submarine (San Juan) which was gone on November 15 perished.

Photofact: construction of the trawler "Barents Sea" on the Vyborg Shipyard

Fresh photos from Vyborg Shipyard where construction of the head fishing trawler of the KMT01 project is carried. JSC Arkhangelsk Trawling Fleet appears the customer of the vessel.

In Central Naval Museum the Fleet in a Miniature exhibition was opened

The department of information and mass communications of the Russian Defense Ministry tells what in Central Naval Museum took place a ceremony of opening of the unique exhibition "Fleet in a Miniature" including about 250 exhibits, the majority of which is exposed for the first time in the history of the museum and Navy.


Military personnel of the Caspian flotilla during the doctrine has reflected attack on the headquarters of association

The staff of the Caspian flotilla (CF) during the training on anti-terror has reflected attack of the conditional opponent on force staff.

"Marshall Ustinov" has executed rocket and artillery firing practice in the Barents Sea

As reports department of information and mass communications of the Russian Defense Ministry, the Marshall Ustinov Guided missile cruiser has carried out educational and fighting tasks in grounds of combat training of the Northern Fleet in the Barents Sea. The crew has worked interaction with the deck SU-33 fighters which conditionally attacked the ship from various heights and the directions, and calculations of radar posts of fighting information center of the cruiser have provided their detection and maintenance with technical means and also delivery of parameters of the purposes on defeat by onboard means of air defense.

The Chinese fleet will grow and be diversified

The Chinese fleet grows, and the Chinese shipowners will force out from the leading positions of Greeks and Japanese soon, SeaTrade Maritime with reference to the statement of the head of the Chinese division of DNVGL Torgeir Sterri reports.

The Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier is included in the structure of the Navy of Great Britain in the presence of the queen

The largest, latest and most expensive British ship, the Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier ("Quinn Elisabeth" is "Queen Elizabeth"), has been officially included on Thursday in the structure of the Royal navy (N) of Great Britain. The ceremony in which Queen Elizabeth II has participated has taken place on naval base in Portsmouth in the presence of 3,7 thousand guests.

In the Novorossiysk VMB there has passed a practical training with chiefs of health services of submarines

According to the plan of training of crews of submarines in the Novorossiysk naval base (NB) of the Black Sea Fleet there has passed a practical training with chiefs of health services of submarines during which practical actions of staff for expansion of the operating room in a saloon of the first compartment and to rendering emergency medical service have been fulfilled.


The Indonesian port operator Pelindo III will issue bonds for $1 billion

The Indonesian state port operator Pelindo III will issue bonds on the amount of 1 billion US dollars for financing of several projects, including construction of a platform on the Teluk Lamong terminal in the port of Surabaya, dredging in Benoa port to Bali and construction of the mooring of Guili Mas in Lembar port in Lombok, SeaTeade Maritime with reference to publications of local media reports.

The net profit of Novorossiysk Commercial Sea Port in 9 months 2017 made 359,4 million dollars.

The net profit of the Novorossiysk Commercial Sea Port (NCSP) in 9 months 2017 according to the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) decreased in comparison with the same period by 26,4% the previous year and made 359,4 million dollars.

"Seaport St. Petersburg" finished the next stage of up-dating of technique

JSC Seaport St. Petersburg (MT of SPb, is included into UCL Holding) accepted in maintenance the next batch of technique – four fork KALMAR auto-loaders which will be generally involved in an overload of slabs, rolled rolled and other metal rolling. New machines will allow to increase intensity of processing of freght traffic of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

The Zhuhai port will issue stocks for $224 million and will create own bulker fleet

The Zhuhai port - large seaport in the delta of the Zhujiang River - declared intention to produce about 158 million new shares which will be redeemed by 10 investors approximately for 1,48 billion yuans (224 million US dollars) for financing of acquisition of own bulker fleet, Splash 24/7 reports.

The Ventspils port increased transfer of loads in January-November, 2017 for 9%, to 18,5 million tons

The Ventspils port (Latvia) following the results of January-November, 2017 increased transfer of cargo up to 9% or 1,5 million tons in comparison same period of last year, to 18,5 million tons, the press service of port reports.

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