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Today the Krasnoye Sormovo shipyard (part of USC) signed the act of delivery of the third chemical carrier tanker RST27M project – "Balt Flot 18" – to the customer BF Tanker, the press service of PJSC Krasnoye Sormovo shipyard reports.
This chemical carrier is the last in the ship-building program of 2017. In total for the BF Tanker the contract provided construction of five tanker of the RST27-M project. According to the schedule of construction, it is planned to launch the third vessel in December. Transfer to the customer is going to happen next year.

The chemical carrier tanker "Balt Flot 18" was launched on October 23, 2017. The vessel is the 26th in a line of tankers of the RST27 project. Tankes of the new RST27M project are vessels of the upgraded RST27 project. "State Transport Leasing Company" (STLC) acts as their customer. In comparison with RST27, the loading capacity of tankers of the new project has increased more than by 800 tons, in six tanks there is an opportunity to transport up to three types of cargo per one run: oil and oil products and also harmful liquid substances in bulk.

Завод "Красное Сормово" передал заказчику танкер-химовоз "Балт Флот 18"
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