Iridium Conference in Moscow

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On October 23, 2019 in Moscow Iridium organized an IoT conference for partners and manufacturers of equipment based on Iridium satellite communication.
Main partners who were speakers at the event highlighted key issues and solutions for almost all areas – from timber harvesting to marine sphere. The main speaker on the marine topic was Sergey Makarov, Deputy General Director of ServiceSoft Group, with the presentation “Digitalization of Maritime Technologies. Existing and Prospective Developments of LookOut products”.

Partners spoke and exchanged experience on issues which are solved with the help of Iridium-based IoT services and IoT projects. Importantly, at the event there was an opportunity to discuss major issues personally with key market players and the conference organizer.

We thank our partner - Iridium for organizing the conference and count on further mutually beneficial cooperation!

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