Indonesia Maritime Expo 2021

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ServiceSoft group is planning to participate for IME 2021 (Jakarta, Indonesia) October 6-8.
ServiceMarine business unit of ServiceSoft group is planning to participate for the biggest offline exhibition in 2021 – IME 2021 – Indonesia Maritime Expo in Jakarta, October 6-8.

Covid quarantine paralised main maritime industry activity every there in the world.
Most part of offline events in Europe removed to 2022 and we have almost the only one chance to see each other and discuss latest trends and possibilities about smart port, smart vessel and global safety on water.

A lot of exhibitors and guests from all part of the world are looking for possibility for regular work process and that is really good idea to have the event in 2021

Kindly invite you to be prepared for travel in beautiful place with perfect cuisine, warm sea, huge size fleet and great matchmaking between leaders in industry.
Our team wishes you a successful trip and business meeting.

Look for our news update about booth information close to autumn season
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