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Проекты: RST27M
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The Russian product carrier chemical tanker is recognized as one of the best vessels in the world.
The type RST27M Volga-Don Max class product carrier chemical tanker Balt Flot 16 (Yard No. 02022) of 7,900 tons sea deadweight and 5,360 tons river deadweight designed by the Marine Engineering Bureau has been included into the 50 Best Vessels List 2017 presented by the Royal Institution of Naval Architects (RINA). This was reported by thepress-office of the Marine Engineering Bureau.

In particular, Balt Flot 16 built by the Krasnoye Sormovo Shipyard is found to be among such vessels as the world largest container carrier MOL TRIUMPH capable of transporting 20170 containers, the largest Italian 323 m cruise vessel MSC Seaside capable of accommodating 5,179 passengers, the world largest nine-decked ro-ro vessel Celine of 28K tons, a unique Arctic gas carrier LNG Christophe de Margerie, etc.
Танкер-химовоз "Балт Флот 16" / "Группа компаний МНП"
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