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Проекты: 21900,"Москва", 21900М
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On 25 March 2015 the launching and christening ceremonies of the diesel-electric icebreaker ‘Murmansk’ were held in Helsinki. This icebreaker has been built to the design of CDB Baltsudoproect (integral part of the Krylov Centre).
In the late 2012, two and a half years ago, the Vyborg Shipyard laid keels of three upgraded diesel-electric icebreakers (Project 2190M) whose basic design was made by CDB Baltsudoproect. The customer is the Federal Agency of Marine and Inland Water Transport (Rosmorrechflot). The first sister ship ‘Vladivostok’ was launched in April 2014 to be fully commissioned in summer 2015. ‘Murmansk’, the second ship in this diesel-electric icebreaker series, has been built in cooperation with Arctech Helsinki Shipyard subcontracted for outfitting the ship. The third sister ship “Novorosiisk” under construction is now more than 50% complete. All sister icebreakers are scheduled to be commissioned in 2015-2016 according to the Federal Target Program of the Russian Transport System Development ‘Marine Transport for 2010-2020’.

The icebreakers are intended for piloting heavy-tonnage vessels, towing ships and other floating structures in ice-covered and open waters, fire-fighting services for floaters & other facilities, rescue of ships in distress both in ice and in open water, shipment of containers on weather deck.

The innovative project 21900M is a modification of Project 21900. Two legendary icebreakers ‘Moskva’ and ‘Sankt Petersburg’ of Project 21900 were built at Baltic Shipyard to the design of CDB Baltsudoproect.

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