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On November 28, 2019 there was held the 5th anniversary Conference of innovative solutions in the sphere of marine equipment and project development - ProMonitoring 2019. ServiceSoft management took the decision to move the traditional venue of the event from Moscow. This year the conference took place in St. Petersburg.
Participants of the event were clients and partners of ServiceSoft Group: shipowners, service companies, dealers, integrators of marine equipment, service providers, potential partners and clients from all over Russia. The anniversary ProMonitoring Conference gathered more than 60 maritime professionals: Shipowners (PJSC " Sovcomflot ", JSC " Arkhangelsk Trawl Fleet ", PJSC " North-Western Shipping Company ", " Ark Shipping Company ", "Donrechflot "); Service companies ("ZORA Yachts", "ALPHA", " Tanker-Service Co., Ltd ", " ERNC ", " SCOUT Group of Companies", "Marine Technics"); Iridium providers ("STECCOM" LLC, "SM-Technologies" LLC); The strategic partner - "Iridium Communications" LLC; Research institutes (Federal State Budgetary Institution "Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute").

The Conference was opened with a welcome address by Mikhail Panarin, Director General of ServiceSoft Group.
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Speakers at the event were our partners having experience of using LookOut satellite solutions for transport monitoring in hardly accessible areas.
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ServiceSoft leading specialists also participated in the conference.
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The live audience showed interest in the topics and asked questions of their concern, thus creating a business-oriented atmosphere for professional interaction.

Particular attention was drawn by our new projects: usage of Video navigation and intelligent system of online recognition of vessels (ViewFinder) and LOOKOUT SSAS/LRIT for ensuring the safety of ships at sea.

During the conference there took place a professional communication with key market players, exchange of knowledge and experience, discussion of problem situations and prospects in the sphere of vessel monitoring. Projects were discussed directly with the developers and the management of ServiceSoft company.

At the conference there were presented the following unique solutions in action:
  • Video navigation and intelligent system of online recognition of vessels
  • Fuel consumption monitoring system, increasing economic efficiency of fleet
  • Bridge Navigational Watch Alarm System (BNWAS) and monitoring of automatic pilot system - prevention of emergency situations and control of the crew
  • Vessel monitoring service with integration of various marine equipment
  • LookOut Lite satellite beacon – a new cost effective solution for small boats
  • LOOKOUT SSAS/LRIT - the first ship security alert system and long-range identification and tracking system based on Iridium satellite communication

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Oleg Gritsenko, the head of "ServiceMarine" direction of ServiceSoft, shared his impression of the event: "Dear friends! On November 28 we held the annual ProMonitoring Conference. This time we organized the event in the Northern Capital of Russia - St. Petersburg! The panoramic view of " Aurora " from the conference room windows put us in the efficient mood and highlighted the marine topic. The speakers made participants think seriously about the fleet at the current stage of development, safety of shipping, equipping vessels with advanced devices and automation solutions. Obviously, there's a huge number of tasks and problems. I think we’ve made another step towards their solution and systematization".

The conference went great, in a comfortable atmosphere. Among the participants there were various representatives of marine industry, from captains to shipbuilders and the largest shipowners of Russia.
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