Морское кадровое агентство "Вилсон", Архангельск ООО

Wilson Crewing Agency
МКА "Вилсон"

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Страна: Россия, Город: Архангельск
Адрес: 163000, ул. Вологодская, д. 55/1
Телефон: +7(8182)41-03-20,+7(8182)28-55-61, +7(8182)20-16-07

Reliable, flexible and competitive at sea.
With over 60 years of experience at sea - we certainly can say that we know our trade.    
Wilson is a short sea company working hand in hand with major players within the Norwegian and European industry.     
Today the Wilson fleet consists of 107 vessels, ranging from 1.500 - 10.000 dwt. In addition to bulkers and general cargo vessels Wilson can also offer selfdischargers and container vessels.     
Wilson’s main focus is to provide our industrial clients with a competitive, reliable, flexible service, at minimum cost - in the best possible way.   
Wilson has its main office in Bergen and agencies in Duis­burg, Hamburg, Rotterdam and Reykjavik, as well as crewing offices in Arkhangelsk and Odessa.    Wilson’s main task is to ensure safe operation for all our seafarers. Our goal is “Zero accident related to Health, Safety and Environment”. All our seamen working on flag of convenience vessels are covered by an ITF Standard Collective Fleet Agreement concluded between our company and Seafarers Union of Russia.     
The main objective of the company is to educate our seafarers, not only to provide safe and trouble-free operation of vessel and cargo, to unconditionally follow requirements of international conventions and national legislation, but also to maintain the reputation of the Wilson fleet.    Those candidates who are selected to work in the Wilson fleet will be guaranteed a secure and stable place of work in a well-organized management company with competitive salaries and social benefits.
Личный менеджер
Виктория Корабеловна
Тел: +7(812) 458-44-52