The Arkhangelsk and Severstal world's largest nuclear submarines to be disposed in Russia

Проекты: 941 "Акула"
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The source in shipbuilding industry reported to the journalists that two type 941 submarines will be disposed of after 2020.
The Arkhangelsk and Severstal nuclear powered submarines of type 941 (codename Akula) are to be disposed of in Russia, according to RIA Novosti with the reference to the source in shipbuilding industry.

These submarines are already withdrawn from service in the Russian Navy. Their further operation is economically irrational.
The Dmitriy Donskoy nuclear powered ballistic missile submarine of type 941 during its sailing in December 2017 /
It is supposed that the world's largest submarines (172 m long with full displacement of 49.8 thousand tons) will be disposed of after 2020.

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