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Страна: Россия, Город: Санкт-Петербург
Адрес: 198097, пр. Стачек д. 48 оф. 2207
Телефон: +7(812)292-66-00

Сплитхофф Раша
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Spliethoff Group consists of Spliethoff, BigLift Shipping, SevenstarsBore Shipping, Transfennica Oy and Wijnne & Barends. Spliethoff managers a fleet of 55 multipurpose tweendeck vessels ranging in size from 8.000 to 20.000 tones. This tonnage features: The high quality Dutch flag, highest Ice Class, large box holds, and hatches, crane capacities up to 240 tones and on the latest series of 10 sister vessels 5 side loading facilities with a service speed of 19 knots. The core activities of Spliethoff are : Worldwide transportation of forest products and the movement of large projects, especially for the oil-, gas- and telecom industry.
BigLift Shipping, formerly known as Mammoet Shipping, operate fleet of 13 purpose built heavy lift vessels provide lifting capacities up to 1400 tones and Ro-Ro capabilities for loads up to 2500 tones. They are the leading operators in the world wide heavy lift market.
Transfennica is a European shipping company with fast scheduled liner services. Their fleet comprises 14 advanced multi-purpose Ro-Ro vessels, providing the shortest transit times ever between the continent and Finland. With a speed of 20+ knots, the vessels allow weekly turnarounds between the biggest European ports and Finland.
Wijnne&Barends is the oldest maritime company in the world. Within this group Wijnne& Barends is known as the Short Sea specialists. The main activities are ship-owning/management, sea-transportation and forwarding of dry (break) bulk commodities like timber and steel which are carried in the operating areas: Scandinavia, Baltic countries, Western Europe and White Sea to the Baltic Sea and the Mediterranean. The Wijnne&Barends fleet consists mainly of series of sister vessels to ensure maximum flexibility. All Wijnne&Barends high cubic vessels under Dutch flag with the highest Ice Class. The vessels range in 1200-5500 tonnages.
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