Внимание! Мошенничества под видом трудоустройства
Внимание! Мошенничества под видом трудоустройства в Vroon Shipping

Stsetinin Dmitri

13 Января 2014 г. 20:22 #1
Похоже новая разводка,Пришло очень заманчивое предложение с некоторым количеством нестыковок. На форуме никаких ссылок не нашел. Рапортую дабы предостеречь других.
мне недавно пришло такое же письмо (см. ниже)
Vroon Shipping Company
4th Floor Regent Centre
Regent Road
Aberdeen AB11 5NS
United Kingdom
Tel : +447031978387
Dear Štšetinin Dmitri,
Thank you for your response,I am convinced that you are really interested in joining our company (Vroon Shipping Company),attached to this mail is a copy of your appointment letter which you are required to study sing and send back to us so that we can have it attached to your file,make sure you have a thorough understanding of the terms and conditions contained therein because your signing it translates to your acceptance of the terms and condition contained therein and they will be binding on you throughout your contract stay with us . You are to sign the appointment by printing out only the last page of the appointment document, then write your signature and date at the appropriate spaces provided and send back to us via email for record purpose.
Since you are convince that you will arrive here ..we don't need to delay much time as your service is highly needed
Mr.Wayne Johnson
После связи с Vroon crewing company пришло такое письмо:
Good morning,
Thank you for your interest in the Vroon company.
Mr Leon Patrick / Mr Curtis Stuart /Robert Ward are not our Recruitment Officers. The message you have received is a fraud.
Laurie Farmer does work for Vroon but his name is being used without his permission.  I repeat the email you have received is a fraud.  
Vroon has become aware that a fraudulent organisation is using the name of Vroon Offshore Services Ltd., Aberdeen (including our logo and address) to contact seafarers. All seafarers should check if the e-mail address is actually coming from the company they claim to be and not from any other domain name.
Vroon companies never charge money to seafarers for recruitment services, visa or other immigration-clearance activities.
All seafarers interested in employment with a Vroon Company should ensure any contact is made directly with a bona-fide Vroon office. The correct contact details and our on-line application form can be found on the Vroon website (http://www.vroon.nl/).Показать комментарий целиком

Stsetinin Dmitri

13 Января 2014 г. 20:36 #2
Конечно разводилово.  Самый простой способ зайти на официальный сайт компании и увидеть какие там в реальности телефонные номера и особенно Е- майл. Попросите подтвердить отсылку вам сообщений отослав майл или позвонить.

Корчинский Константин

05 Февраля 2014 г. 21:08 #3
Развод по любому!Мне два письма приходило:в прошлом и в этом месяце.Посмотрел на е-маил на сайте и на е-маил отправителя-даже отвечать не стал.

Грудкина Нина

06 Февраля 2014 г. 00:57 #4
Мне такого развода ещё не приходило.

Громилин Валерий Иванович

02 Марта 2014 г. 09:07 #5
Мне это приходило:
+ к письму еще контракт прикрепили
Attn Valeriy Gromilin ,
With the approval of the Board members of Saipem Contracting Nigeria Limited, we are delighted to formally offer you the Appointment to work with us in Saipem Contracting Nigeria Limited for the provision of Expatriates Relation Services for the period duly specified in your Offer Letter, please find attached Soft Copy of your Contract Terms of Employment for your perusal and immediate action if the terms of work is acceptable to you. Upon thorough review and acceptance of this Contract Package, dot your signature in the space indicated in the last page of the Offer Letter and return same back to us via email attachment within a period of 7 working days.
Once you accept and sign this offer, you are to contact the immigration lawyer with the below email address and request for information required to enable him process your STR visa. Please note that your consistency is highly needed to enable him do his job and get you STR visa on time, also endeavor to keep us posted as regards your progress with the lawyer.
Visa Information
The below email belongs to the immigration lawyer who will be charge of your STR visa, once you agree to the terms and condition of this offer by signing your signature on the space provided, you are to immediately contact the below email address and let the lawyer know that you have accepted the job request STR visa requirements from him.
Immigration House Plot 3, Immigration Close,
Port Harcourt, Rivers State Nigeria
Email: henry@henrychambers.com
Telephone: +234 809 845 7811
Upon receipt of the required documents from your side the immigration lawyer will secure your residence and work permit here in Nigeria and will contact the Nigerian Consulate in your country and fax all your documents to them to facilitate your visa.
Within a space of 7 working days after your papers have been faxed to the consulate, we shall notify you on when to go to the Consulate Office in your country for the endorsement of your international passport, brief interview and issuance of visa.
Best regards
MR.Raymond Ogidi
Показать комментарий целиком

Будников Александр Андреевич

10 Июня 2014 г. 15:18 #6
Это развод, мне тоже такие письма приходили! Контракт В приложении зп 7000GBP вторым помощником предлагали, но нужно выслать было 700GBP на оформление британской визы.

Бобков Александр Николаевич

21 Декабря 2014 г. 18:52 #9
Развод сто процентов, просят оплатить 700-800 фунтов за оформление визы. Я в консульстве в Санкт-Петербурге консультировался, там прямо сказали что это мошеничество.

Mорозов Сергей Юрьевич

05 Марта 2015 г. 12:35 #10

Vroon Shipping Company
4th Floor Regent CentreRegent RoadAberdeen AB11 5NSUnited KingdomTel : +447509756395

Attention: Applicant,Thank you for sending your application/Resume for purpose of employment we will go through it and evaluate it then get back to you.For the Post of 2nd officer Which you are applying for the salary is 7,550GBP,if the salary is okay and you wish to proceed, then please fill the application form attached.Vroon Shipping Company is headquartered in Netherlands. Management offices are located in London and Breskens.The company is privately owned.Our core business activity is technical ship management. The present managed fleet consists of; VLCC’s, product and chemical tankers, Offshore, refrigerated cargo container vessels and bulk carriers.Today Vroon is a dynamic and ambitious international shipping company, active in a number of specialized and commodity-type shipping segments. Vroon operates and manages a diverse fleet of about 150 vessels. A large fleet-expansion and new building programme will secure further growth in the years ahead.Vroon is currently employing seafarers around the world to fill all their vacant position and every seafarer will undergo a 3 weeks orientation before boarding the vessel,all employees must report to our officer here in UNITED KINGDOM when boarding the vessel and when signing off from the vessel.Contract Period:2 years Contract and it is 2 months On board and 2 months Vacation which you can spend with your family,please note that salary will be paid to you even while you are on vacation.Vessels in Management:We currently provide crew management services for a fleet consisting of in excess of 160 vessels. Out of these, Vroon Shipping Management technically manages approximately all vessels. Our diverse fleet includes a wide range of different vessel types. We are able to provide the technical ship management skills specific to each vessel type, along with experienced crews who have proved their expertise over many years of successful operation.Find images of our fleet in the gallery.Our managed fleet currently includes:·         LNG·         General Cargo·         LPG / VLPG·         RoRo / RoPax·         Chemical Tankers·         Product Tankers·         Aframax / IceClass Aframax·         Suezmax·         VLCC·         Fast Craft·         Tall Ship.Please note that our vessel have one of the highest safety measures for crew members because we take our crews first and any other thing second.Attached to this email is our application form which you are required to fill first and send it back to me.We are in need of your services and we will not be conducting any interviews once we go through your documents which we will ask you to provide after filling of the application form sent to you if you meet our needs we will inform you via email or Phone.RegardsMr. Thomas PakardПоказать комментарий целиком

Левов Андрей

31 Августа 2015 г. 20:13 #13
Тоже получил такое письмо счастья, переотправил в главный оффис компании.
Кстати у нах на сайте официальное заявление по этому поводу есть.
Так что прежде чем напрягаться по этому поводу, зайдите на официальный сайт компании.
Они принимают апликашки только заполненные в онлайне на их сайте. Так что всем удачи!

Левов Андрей

01 Сентября 2015 г. 11:00 #14
Dear Mr Andrey , Thank you for your interest in the Vroon company. Mr  Brian Greenwood is not our Recruitment Officer and is not connected to Vroon. The message you have received is a fraud.You can report the matter directly to the Action Fraud office on telephone number 0300 123 2040 (if calling from the UK) or +44 161 234 9230 (if calling from outside the UK).You can also reach Action Fraud online at www.actionfraud.police.uk. Vroon has become aware that a fraudulent organisation is using the name of Vroon Offshore Services Ltd., Aberdeen (including our logo and address) to contact seafarers. All seafarers should note that Vroon companies never charge money to seafarers for recruitment services, visa or other immigration-clearance activities. Please submit the application form if you are interested in employment with a Vroon Company, this should ensure that any contact is made directly with a bona-fide Vroon office.All contact details and our on-line application form can be found on the Vroon website (http://www.vroon.nl/).                                                                                                                                                           Thank you. Best regards,On behalf of Head CrewingVroon B.V., Breskens  Это ответ от реальной компании.

Косульников Артур

26 Июля 2016 г. 15:28 #16
Dear Kosulnikov Artur,We appreciate your interest our offer and we have open an application file with reference number VOS/1900/16. We have gone through your CV and Application form. We found that you will be able to handle the Post of a Third Engineer with salary amount of 4,550 GBP (Great British Pounds) Monthly and salary is permanent though out the year.
Welcome to Vroon. An international shipping company, with more than a century experience, Vroon aims to deliver reliable, high-quality and cost-effective services, based on traditional values and a proven track record. 
Vroon Offshore Services (VOS) is a leading maritime offshore-services supplier. Vroon has been active in this business since 1964. The geographical focus is primarily in the North Sea, Mediterranean and South-East Asia. VOS has offices in Aberdeen, Den Helder, Genoa and Singapore.
Vroon Offshore Services B.V. (VOSBV) is based in Den Helder, the Netherlands. Management offices are located in Aberdeen, Stokesly, Bresken- United Kingdom With a fleet of approximately 15 vessels, the company is primarily active in and around the North Sea. The company operates platform-supply vessels (PSV), subsea-support vessels (SSV) and emergency response and rescue vessels (ERRV). vroon has an extensive new-building programme and VOSBV shall receive approximately 10 new-build vessels into management in 2015-2016. These being DP2 PX121 PSVs, SSVs and walk-to-work vessels with motion-compensated cranes. The company currently employs approximately 40 shore-based and 500 seagoing staff.
This offshore fleet versatility means we are able to fulfill customer requirements in the fields of oil drilling and production and offshore construction and maintenance work. Whether it be platform supply, emergency response and rescue work, anchor handling or subsea support, Vroon has the fleet to MEET your needs, the people to DELIVER and the determination to SUCCEED.
As a growing company, Vroon regularly has vacancies for shore-based staff throughout its office network. A career at Vroon is a varied one, in a dynamic and international company, offering attractive employment conditions and extensive opportunities for career development and training. To be successful in our company, you will need to be a highly motivated self-starter, enjoy working in teams and across borders and support our aim of delivering world-class services to all customers. You will share our focus on safety and care for your colleagues, our customers and business partners.
Vroon has vacancies for nautical and technical officers on a regular basis. A career at Vroon is a varied one, with opportunities across our varied fleet and in different trading areas. We offer career-development opportunities for cadets, junior and senior officers.
We are always keen to meet potential new colleagues interested in building a professional career in the shipping business.
Company Size- 501-1000 employees
Founded- 1964
Specialties- Offshore, Maritime, Shipping
Accommodation, feeding and flight ticket will be taken care of by the company.
Contract Period: 6 Months-1 year +/ contract and it can be extended if only you wish to remain with our company on board and vacation Schedule: 6 weeks on board and 6 weeks on vacation.
If you are satisfied with the salary and benefits we are offering you then please fill the job application form for immediate processing of your employment to join our team.
We hope you are not attached to any company presently so that you will focus on your job application as we are highly  in need of you to arrive here soon, if not kindly let us know now before you sign any contract agreement with us. If yes we suggest that you start writing your resignation now if you are working with a company, so that you can pay more attention.
See below details of available vessels, you can choose from the details of the attached vessels:
I have also attached a job application form for you to fill and submit back immediately.
Best regards,
Kenneth Byers
Management Assistant/Recruiting Officer
Vroon Offshore Services Ltd
Regent Road, Aberdeen, AB11 5NS
T: +44 7937424615
F: +44 1224578755
CONFIDENTIALITY NOTICE The information contained in this e-mail and attachment is strictly confidential and is intended to be used exclusively by the addressee. This message may be read, copied and used only by the intended recipient. If you have received this email in error, please advise by return email and delete the original message from the server. 
Что это развод кто знает подскажите пожалуйстаПоказать комментарий целиком

Gusevs Nikolajs

10 Ноября 2016 г. 14:58 #18
Ребята , это полное разводилово не ведитесь. Я три дня с ними вел переписку и все ждал , когда-же они будут спрашивать деньги......и наконец дождался.Сегодня уже несколько раз позвонили , некий Шон Мартин, причем делал это весьма настойчиво......когда я его спросил нахрена мне виза и разрешение на работу в UK , и освобождение от налогов , если я резидент EU , он начал нести какой-то бред , который не выдерживает ни какой критики....короче, я послал его на хуй , ..куда он ,скорей всего и направился.....Всем удачи.
Если кто-то желает почитать переписку - могу выложить на этом форуме для сравнения

Ovchinnikov Igor Vladimirovich

07 Марта 2017 г. 13:58 #20
Всем Добрый День,
А кто подскажет какой у ни емэйл?

Тодоров Никола Стоянов

06 Мая 2017 г. 23:01 #22
 Сейчас пявился кокой то Richard Taylor Human Resource Manager по то же самои схеме давайте деньги для NI card чуть чуть не поверил а ксати первое собщение получил как спам пошли на хуя

Тодоров Никола Стоянов

06 Мая 2017 г. 23:06 #23
Мне друг електромеханик из Одесе тоже самье говорил даваите 600 на оформление документьй сказал что можна пазариться отдал им 300 и пошол на судна

Gor Maria

17 Октября 2017 г. 21:51 #25
Если вы получили предложение о работе от компании international shipping solutions, не ведитесь,это РАЗВОД!
компания предлагает работу для жителей Европы по приему и пересылке посылок, заключает с вами договор по найму. По истечении месяца сотрудники компании исчезают, вы не получаете от них никаких денег, но получаете счета от сделанных покупок, которые ОФОРМЛЕНЫ НА ВАШЕ ИМЯ!!!!
Информация о компании: Mailing Address: InternationalShippingSolutions 
1875 Century Park E #700, 
Los Angeles, CA 90067 
Email Address:(best contact method) admin@intshipsolutions.com 
Hours Of Operation: Monday - Friday 
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM EST 
GMT -07:00
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