Электрическая силовая установка для судов WhisperDriVe

WhisperDrive 9 Art. Nr. 41501000
Technical data
Technology    Permanent Magnet Electrical Engine
Nominal Power    8.6 kW
Operating voltage    48 VDC battery voltage
Cooling    Liquid cooled, closed cooling circuit
Type of batteries    open lead acid, GEL, AGM or ION Power
Material applied    Sea water resistant casting material
Propellor    2-blade foldable, bronze
Weight    39 kg
Boat size    up to 40 ft (depending on navigation area)
Speed control    external throttle forward/ neutral/ backwards

- WhisperPower AGM/ GEL/ ION batteries
- WhisperPower DC cables
- WhisperPower Battery Monitor
- WhisperPower Genverter 7i variable speed diesel generator including:48 VOC battery charger/ 50 A - 3 stage + DC - AC inverter
- Shore power connection